If a stare could kill: varuthan flashes some uncomfortable truths…spoiler alert and a very long post alert.

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So it was a back to back movie date with our dear friends…after the long morning show of maniratnam’s “brilliant”” CCV( lot of hangover teenage crush of Arun Vijay and more mature liking of Vijay Sethupathi justified the 2 hours), we made sure to grab a ticket for varuthan in the next show itself solely based on reviews of some reliable friends in FB though v didn’t have clue about the theme.As usual,my idle mind tried to weave a story from the trailer and title. I haughtily thought that this is just another ordinary outsider turned gangster over some petty man egos and revenge story with a heroine cast to play as-swappable-as-a-prop for the hero to romance and rescue.The credit for explosion and stunt in the title cards confirmed our belief that this is just another version morning’s outing of red skies and earth of man where women is a mere messenger or body shield or a emotional catalyst.

But it turned out to be pleasant surprise.Indeed it is another of man’s story…his love,lust and revenge…but with a freshness of understanring female perspective.The presentation,visuals and sound effects reminds of horror movie,but it is a horror every girl has faced at least once in her life time.the feeling of assualt at a man’s stare. It reminded me of the things I felt like hurried walk to hostel from office after work or the feeling while waiting at the bus stop for my dad in dark( in fact dad defined the circle of light around the waiting as the sole safe zone) or in a crowded bus. As they say ,if a stare could kill you, every girl can identify that virtual rape done by perverted male eyes which is often laughed off just like the protagonist had done initially in the movie. But this time the truth is not sugar coated…it is indeed presented with dramatic music to represent how a girl’s heart races at such unwarranted violation.It is loud enough for the other guys to hear. It reminds them that we, the fairer sex ,does not require another not-every-men-argument, but a apathy towards the visceral fear v face. I felt my better half squirming in his seat with this sudden exposure, it was thousand times moving and heart-wrenching than the blood shed of the usual action affairs. Indeed, the scene of the perverted sidekick touching the stolen under garments of the lady evocked the same level of disgust in him as I often feel at a brain splattering bullet shot scenes.
The scene of husband plastering the bathroom room window from prying eyes may not be a surprise for us ladies ,who try to constantly seek the refuge of duppata, but was an eye opener for the stronger sex. I think those who had a laugh on Rishi Raj Singh’s 14 second staring rule might have a change of heart after watching this.

Further, the portrayal of self declared moral polices was a very well requisite mirror to the society. It is interesting to note that a public display of affection between spouses upset the society, but the lewd songs and alcoholism is considered a normal outlet of countryside working class. Well indeed in a country where when girl’s dress code and curfew is the determining factor for the progression of sexual offences and marital rape is an urban myth, what else could we expect.

Another facet in the story line is its leading lady’s thought as to why she should not be let to live freely in her own house. It is a contrast to usual self victimisation. In fact when she becomes a victim of sexual abuse later on , she is not thinking about suicide or self pity. she rather thinks practically to move on and find a way to take stock of the situation. Even when she is blaming her husband for his incompetence, it is portrayed as outburst of her frustration and not shrinking away from her own fate. The husband do get his moment of heroism ( in fact very interesting 15 minutes of movie) ,but it is narrated as his redemption for the disappointment in her eyes. Also director has literally given her the “final shot.”

Speaking of final shot, the movie ends in an interesting spectacle. It depicts a classical image of couples sitting in the porch of their hill side cabin bathed in evening sun. But twist in the tale is that she is not lovingly cudling a cute baby(as usually being a mother is deemed to happily ever after for a woman’s story) but rather brushing up a gun( reserved for all intruders) and watching her husband learning to trample those unwanted cockroaches of life.

To sum up, just felt thar this movie is not another flick to be forgotten, it rather give some thoughts for everyone to contemplate as return gift. Hope these seeds or bubbles of reflection could create a larger picture in time.After all, a good cinema can be a mirror for the society of its beauty and ugliness. (It did give me this irresistible urge to pour down my own inner thoughts)

PS:- I loved director’s signature slow motion for the first time and as always fan girl of Fahad fazil. It is also refreshing to see serious approach towards the screenplay that establishes all essential plot devices organically which is relief amidst sea of many new generation movies of this year with lazy or shoddy screenwriting…it is high time to understand the significance of writing along with techniques.

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Out of sight,  out of mind

Is it so?? One who has tasted the bitter sweetness of long distance relationship will disagree…  in fact the distance can bring you more closer in heart.  

Late night calls,  waiting for holidays,  excited meetings at airports and tearful goodbyes… all of it becomes routine of your life.. It makes you understand the value of time together and never take each other for granted. 

Our Sunday Date with Om Shanthi Oshana

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I think expectation is the biggest spoiler for any movie…We often blame movies for not being inferior themselves but just because they don’t fit in your check list for good movies.

Anyways, when I booked ticket for “Om Shanti Oshana” , it was just an alternative in bookmyshow for satiating the obstination for a movie weekend with my friends. We didn’t even look up for a movie trailer. Hence, may be my whole review will be shadowed by this clean-slate theory.

To start with, the movie is a treat. It is the kind of one you would like to watch with your gang of pals who lets down their hair and ready to laugh hysterically(of course hooting, cheering and applause included). The kind of one which will make it your Top 10 rom-com list. I think this is a change for malayalam movie viewers as we rarely have a movie which will be limited to single genre. We often think too much seriously and cannot let a romantic story go without a social message or an action sequence or some tragedy. Hence, this uncomplicated hilarious sweet-bone story line is fresh in its narration. And more importantly, the female protogonist is not left to shadow after the interval. She is the heart and soul of the movie(By the way I loved their interval description: “Intermisssion :we dont one, but as we are so used to it, Come back soon”. Sadly I missed half of the anti-smoking session, but assuming that it was equally funny).

Nazriya is truly the superstar of the movie, Her portrayal of the spoilt rich tomboy is just awesome. Physical comedy is usually a very rare trait of female protagonist. And she has pulled it very well. Her comedy timings are commendable. And I just loved her dresses. Kudos to costume designer.

Nivin Polly has done his part best. So have the rest of the cast. You need to be a nit pick to complain about the acting. But I felt Vineeth Srinivasan could have improvised some scenes.

The makers should get the biggest applause. They have wrapped up the simple story with all its lighter moments never missing a beat and tying up all the single events giving a sense of completeness. The audience cannot leave the theatre without a happy grin, smile or giggles (latter was our case).  The TV shows in the background which was used to depict the transgressing timelines is a clear example of how even minute details are worked on and no need to point out the repeating gag of malayalam movie dialouges. Also, it reflects a maker’s passion about movies. It clearly resonates with the typical mallu group who still loves delivering punch lines like “Polandine thottu kalikaruthu” or “Pavanayi Shavamyi”. And of course, the scenes from Shaktiman, jungle book title songs or trip to Veegaland will make all the 20’s something crowd nostalgic. Actually we couldn’t stop singing the title track which is a medley of our primary class songs.(“deep jalavo , deep jalavo” still rings in my head). Well that reminds me to specially mention the awesome music and background score of Shan Rahman, I hope they will soon bring a downloadable version like the Malaravadi.

As the breathtaking visuals are now a norm of new generation movies, I dont think much words are required in that department. They have utilized the scenic beauty of location to the best……..

I think the obsession of our gang about the trivia of the movie will just tell you how much we loved the movie.


Beautiful Me……….

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Let me confess, today i was a total lazy bone. ( I know it is not a surprise for any one). But after my student guilt (very short lived) and sleepy afternoon, I was all in my girlie-movie-watch-mood. Thankfully, my buddy shared me an apt movie. So there I am, equipped with my chips and cake ,and phone conveniently in silent mode (hope my hubby is not noticing this bit) . And the movie did live upto my pinky romantic craving. A girl in love with a boy,her struggles, his struggles, cute moments, teary moments, awhhh-moments (i’m not getting a word for all that scenes which is a hybrid of  cute and tears)…well taatdaa….the movie has a fairy tale ending with them kissing and a sound track suggesting a HAPPILY EVER AFTER. If I had ever thought a marriage could put an end to all these “girlie movie mania”,  I have proved myself wrong a 100%…….

But alas, the movie had stashed down a thinking hat to my dumb brain. You know that an idle brain is a devil’s workshop.Well its so true ,as here I am rambling. (Technically ,with the amount of pending assigments, there ought to be no idle brain in the 100 m perimeter, but lets forget that on a cool weekend).

I just wish to pen down a few thoughts…

Guess what my favorite part in all these movies, the part where the  awkward,shy gal in the first half turning to a confident, pretty women and her man stands totally lost in her at the prom or wedding (my personal favorite is the part with wedding).I feel that is more romantic than any candle light dinner or proposal. The best portrayal of love is the magic of love ,the change it brings to one’s life.( good one of course).

My favourite writer Madhavikutty (Kamala Das) had once written , ” The girl in love is like a flower, Love blooms her”.

Yes of course, I could endorse it with my little tale. Well, I still recall my childhood days, when I never liked to look at mirror. Because I was convinced that all I could see there is a fat, dark, boring girl with a huge brown spectacle.Well I never tried to improvise with any fairness cream or thinking to eat little less.  So low was my self esteem  that I even avoided photographs. I trashed any beauty talks by my friends as very silly things and tried to indifferent to all that.(guess wat ,I used to even think that combing your hair is a waste of time and i think my school friends could agree without a grunt). My mom used to say you should see you with my eyes, then you will understand how good you look.  But the teenage crazy monkey will never lent an ear to it.

But something was meant to change…in fact some one did. One of my best friend told me that my eyes are “beautiful” and smile “charming” ( I dont recall the exact words , so pardon me substituting my favorite words, alas I do love some flattery).  May be it was destiny, that best friend became my special one. But biggest change he brought in was a new insight into myself. The smile that lits up his face when he sees me is like my sun, the light that awakes the love that blooms. Well I am not claiming that I had turned out to be most beautiful women in the world (Well,indeed I am modest enough not to declare that in public, though privately its approved). But atleast I have stopped brooding over my appearance, or attitude. The little knowledge that I am the  ‘pretty woman’ for someone give me a new mirror. Then I realized, we ourself are responsible for all these thoughts. In fact, during last two years, no thoughts crossed my mind about how-i-look or am I good enough. I didnt complain about my complexion or any other details I used to frown before. More importantly, I never let anyone judge me or craved for any approvals. True, I managed to create a content heaven where there are better things to worry about. I learned to appreciate my mom’s philosophy about a pure heart and happy mind.

But every sweetness has a side effect, I am guessing that a little Narcissus is poking out from my brain these days, but hopefully I wont fall dead staring at my Facebook DP.


Well the point I was trying to make out of all these ramblings  is (seriously i dont think I had made any) never underestimate yourself. The God has given the BESTEST YOU to you, love it and live it. Let me stop as I am getting too preachy.


Tail piece: Speaking about the best cheesy dialogues, I always loved the one in 27 dress where Jane speaks about her best moment in a wedding

George :All right. So what's your favorite part... of a wedding? 

Jane: Oh, that's easy. You know when the music starts and the bride makes her big entrance... 
and everybody turns to look at her? That's when I look at the groom. 'Cause his face says it all. 
You know, the pure love there. That's why I go. 

Well, on our wedding day,when I walked to our dias, basking in the bridal glory, I could not take away eyes from this guy who sat there in all smiles, as if he was waiting for this moment……well that was my precious moment..




Image courtesy : photoshopreative.co.uk/image/7303/colour_me_beautif,  (non commercial use)


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The wicked witch

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Time Travels

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Is it really narscitic to say that when you miss a person , you really miss the part of you when you were with them….May be… but then tell me, is the reverse also true, when I am missing my past, it is not that I’m not enjoying or respecting the present , but I am indeed I am just missing a part of my life when these people were around.

Well, well before becoming too monologues ,let me get thing straight. Today I came across a picture of my friend and suddenly many memories came rushing back. The crazy times together, the crazy things shared and crazier thoughts . It was indeed a revealation. Those time had gone down like grains of sand down the hour glass. But is then grieving over the lost things a better idea. Nopes, because then you won’t notice how the present is also floating away. Confused, am not I?

In simple sense, I was wondering , is there any way to keep the present , past and future together?  Sort of time travel or extracting time variable out of equation so that it comes under your will. It will be the most mind blowing invention if possible. Then you go beyond a plain of time constraint. A plain without the complexities or intercracies  of timeline. Where you don’t have to fear about the failure or mistake, a plain where you understand the meaninglessness of loss or gain. Barrier of dead or alive goes away….how wonderful will that be or will it not? Ironically , ‘time’ will tell us.

In my childhood I used to wonder how it would be if I could get hold of the time. In fact , I used to do all those crazy (or mad) dream. For instance, I used to make note of the days which I wish to revisit if there is a time machine. Another crazy thing was I  once opened all shut windows of our ancestral home when I heard that they used to open in earlier time. I still recall seeing the rooms from other side just to imagjne how they used to be twenty years ago.And guess what more wackier. I used to watch my parent’s wedding video to just imagine myself in that time. My elder cousin who were just toddlers with my then younger uncles and aunts. It was a creepy feeling.

Coming to think of it, the videos had in fact been a break through to the space of time. It is the one thing where you could control the time factor and rewind to an earlier time, where you could go back to past or present, where dead and alive exists together. Well I hope there will be much greater invention where you will not be just a passive observer, but well within other coordinates  of science.

My octopus and a rainy day!!!!

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There may be a time when the octopus within you unleashes all its slimy hands (or is it legs) stealing out all your senses along with the sanity. The time when your eyes wells up like unpredictable monsoon , the time when you resigns yourself from the outerworld  seeking the voice of silence as a wrath against the wretched coldness of the outside madness. There may not be a single reason for the sorrow, but alas the bosom lets out sighs of the forlorn soul. The moments who feel to wrap up up yourself from the warmth of the loving heart, the moments when you feel burdened with the very fact of your exisistence. When you feel like escaping to the weightlessness of the death for which your throbbing veins send out the welcoming note …….a single slash with a dagger and the fountain of the bloody thoughts, and the impeding sleep …………….ahhh I was so lost in my own wild horses of thought that I hardly noticed the rain drops seeping its way through the rusty window with its rusty smell and something else I could not place, may be the dusty cloud also found its way. The clouds which bear the breathe out air of thousands , lakhs or better uncountables, along with their thought bubbles…………yes I always like the thought bubbles theory, could actually sense the tiny little bubbles around the head, like the glass beads , may be even coloured, red for angry thoughts, blue for dreams , green for the happy ones, may be purple for the crazy one………mmmmm………sounds good and of course gleaming transperant for the sadder notes , like the tear drops, how nice it would have been……….and thinking of it , it sounds more plausible especially if I could just bursts off the sadder transparent bead of thought…..but then the other bubbles will also be short lived……….and what if all the bubbles burst , will it be a trance of utmost happiness, union with better whole or will it be numbness ,as cold as this rail grids………….that brings me back to the present , indeed my thought bubbles are bubbling in a very untamed manner……..i am actually getting soaked along with my Siamese twin bag and my phone and wallet, I shifted aside to the safety of the dry compartment and assess the damages…………it is a relief that I was awaken at the right moment , well only to be lost again in the tempest of feral contemplations…..and of course came back my octopus……………..

I was not in any better mood when I get off the rattling train (surprisingly have to fight up the stout little madam who was trying to escape the leaking roof to the expected dryness of damp compartment, stalling anyone who comes before her as an objection) , well even worse, the octopus pulling harder ………and the sight that waited was not anywhere near welcoming……..the ever shabby station got even worse with its muddy rain water pond ( or river)  and had to literally wade up the stop passing more wet bundles, with a  more curious mix of red and blue thought beads….but alas it took me a while to sense my octopus too was lost somewhere in the muddy puddle bringing up a happy tone to my mind that was hidden somewhere like the sun that seep across the thin curtain of rain…………..And to the final touch  a shared hot cheese masala dosa  under the turpolene hut of the hawker watching the rain, I could see the green beads all across and smile that creeped unnoticed into my lips and refuse to leave there……

My dear…….

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You make my day, my dear one
with your dimpled smile and loving eyes,
waking me up as gentle as the wind carassing lilac,
laughing away at my sleepy mumblings..
I know I,ll b in ur warm hug my teddy bear when tears defeats me,
I love the part when you try to act silly just to make me laugh….
and lies u would say to bring back the smile….
I luv the way u make me feel special…
Even a tired day is forgotten,
when you are waiting down the bustling platform…..
Ah alas, I dunno how am I falling in love afresh with you each day,
But I just love the way you make feel

Unveiling thoughts……….

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The fragrances of the world

The beauty of all

I could feel around me

Like a new door to the world unveiled….

Like never had I opened my eyes before

Like never had I taken a breath

The world so afresh that unknown cellars of my heart unbolted

Oh alas, I am lost somewhere in your smile,

with all my thoughts wandering back to you…

Never knew that I would miss some one badly,

though never had we walked more than a mile

And I know our path winds up the hill

And there lies yet many decades of togetherness

But lemme pause for a moment and

Thank you for all the wonderful moments…

And remind you how lost I am in your smile

Here I stand all amazed

Like I am opening my eyes for the first time…….